Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Opus Gluei #56 Seasonal Icons

 Hmmm...dont know about this.  All that colour, and buttons no less.....

Well this is supposed to be about icons of a season but once I saw Jana's collection of cards I started thinking about something to represent each of the seasons.  I love the concept of ATCs, so that's what I chose.  The set is linked by colours too, with each using something of the card before it, just like each season leaves shadows of itself before the next one is really THERE.  The summer one has sunny sandy colours, a little length of blue rik-rak for the sea, and a fat fish blowing big bubbles.  For autumn I used the colours of the leaves outside my window today, including just a little bit of green.
Its nearly winter so that made me think of frost and fog, hence the snowflake rub-on and the blues.  There's just a wisp of cloud about too.  And finally in spring there is still a hint of winter around, and the promise of the warmth of summer, so I added a flower and butterfly.

Gulp, that's 4 buttons, 8 different papers (thanks to my April kit from Taylored Expressions), 4 different pieces of ribbon, and not a piece of black to be seen.  

Going to lie down now, feeling faint...............


  1. Woohooo - Carolann - you are a master! LOVE the shadows across the seasons - fabulous concept! Fabulous job!

  2. I love these and what a cool concept of adding a "shadow" of the previous season, that's just beautiful. Loving the colors and buttons and rickrack, you have outdone yourself.

    I am also amazed at no all.. I think I need to lie down too.

    Oh, about my album - I can't find the original Kaisercraft directions but here's a pretty good link to the concept.
    Yes, you are right that only the base of each layer gets glued down. It looks so puffy when finished but I think that it is to accommodate all the photos and embellishments because you will have lots of space to make all pretty. The paper ribbon loops on the top I remember being 6" long and 1" wide. and you just glue them into the loop (like a regular ribbon bow) and arrange them on the top. The original directions have you putting a flower and brad through to hold them together. That was too much for me, I just glued everything down. LOL

  3. Holy moly. You are awesome. I LOVE how these flow into the next one. Genious. And GORGEOUS. All of these colors are so out of your comfort zone. I am so proud of you. I know how hard that is to do. Thank you so much for playing with us at Opus Gluei. I absolutely LOVE seeing your works.

  4. Jana said it well, these are GORGEOUS! You make the most beautiful cards! You'vbe my card-hero!

  5. Hello there, I'm late! Sorry!
    I didn't have enough time to enter this one, I need to craft not go to work and look after a family. One day... :-)
    These are all great, am I allowed to pick a favourite? Which is very hard 'cos I like them all, but the kiss on the lips of the fish and the amazing bubbles completely steals the show for me!

    We are finally getting some warm weather over here and it's weird because it's turning winter for you; the internet makes for a small planet :-)
    Take care


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