Saturday, September 6, 2014

Playing favourites

Over at Opus Gluei this week , there's  request to show off some of the things you love to do, but use an ATC to do it.  Think  of an ATC as your artistic business card...its about that size after all (three and half inches by two and a half inches)(I have NO IDEA what that is in metrics, and I don't care to know either.  Inches are so much more do-able)...........

So I went back to what I love the most, which is the muted palette of black, grey, brown..........and came up with these two....  The first makes use of grey gauze ribbon to make both a background and an accent, plus a little piece of wood grained Kaisercraft paper, and my very favourite Scrabble-letters paper too.  The second one had to have a touch of orange to lift the black and cream.  There's a scrap of handmade silky paper and a matching butterfly about to land on the spidery leaves.


Then, just because it was there, I used up the last of a lovely paper square from a Taylored Expressions kit from several years ago.  It reminded of me of the garden today - the beginning of Spring and the first tiny blossoms attracting bees.  In my garden there is an old willow tree that has seen better days, but in Spring, all the straggly branches throw out new shoots and the bees come and fill the air with buzzing.

ATCs can be like windows into your craft - what do your windows show?