Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Opus Gluei Challenge #26 *bling*

*Bling* indeed...... not feeling in a bling mood now after getting sparkles all over the place except where they were meant to be, and upending a pot of embossing powder, and being totally unable to find the diamond thingies.... Grrr

Okay, take two. Calming thoughts, deep breathing, and inspiration strikes! Haven't taken up the pliers and wires for a while but DO need a
decent bookmark that I wont lose under the bed. Or if I do, it will be obvious when I shine a torch into that dark and dusty space. So here's my bookmark hook with a collection of silvery *bling*.

Proof that a card isn't always the solution to a problem!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Michelle

More motivation to get out the ribbons and card stock.... the daughter of a friend will be 18 this week. I like the Grant pearlescent CS so here it is again.

The creamy figured paper is from a lovely collection sent to me from my dear friend Lisa at
The Craft's Meow: a big stack from La Creme which is full of my favourite non-colours (black and white, and cream and gray). She also sent the ribbon and I've just noticed that I put the bow on back-to-front. Ah well, nobody's perfect, least of all me!! I added some cream and gray pearls and a birthday greeting on a scrap of cream parchment that was lurking at the bottom of a box.

Thankyou Lisa for the inspiration. I think you could say its working, and........Happy Birthday Michelle!

Opus Glue Challenge #25

You'll have to forgive my soft take on the theme this week..... its there in spirit! We had to add something to do with sewing and if you look REALLY closely with one eye shut, maybe....

I used Grant pearlescent CS in charcoal gray, with a piece of Kagaz handmade paper featuring stitched (well, almost!!) stems. The flower is a glittery little surprise from the Poobahs which I mounted on a Kaiser cutout for a bit more depth. There are pearly sequins with a bit of purple so that inspired the ribbon (STITCHED on the edges!!) and the sentiment which glitters too. Then I couldn't resist one last touch so there's a tiny white tipped dressmaker's pin down in the corner.

Yes I know I should have got out the sewing machine and quilted a tiny square, or painstakingly cross-stitched a black cat stretching in the sun.......but in the spirit of Opus Gluei, here it is.

with thanks....

One afternoon I spent the hours in the company of my dear friends Ali and Ev, making these cards to thank so many friends who helped us to celebrate Peter's life. Even the thought of picking up paper and scissors had been too hard, but friends bolster you in ways I dont understand but accept with thanks.

It was fitting that the ingredients came from other friends.... a store of images stamped with Debbies SU Embrace Life, and lengths of ribbon from the Poobahs. I played with a little bit of colour and my blender pens, sometimes added gold or pearls, and found extra images from the SU Fifth Avenue Florals.

Who could know that the time spent stamping multiple copies of beautiful flowers would be needed so soon?