Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inchies inchies inchies

Look what arrived in the post last week..........lots more inchies from my talented friends at Opus Gluei.  These are from Deena and I love the details.......that flower pot has a twist of string around it, and the kite has a tiny length of string.......  I could have made mine so much that's my vow for next time.  Work harder!!

If you have a look at my post from a week or so ago, you'll see the growing collection of inchies and how clever people can be on such a tiny canvas.

OG 164 Dive Deep

Well, it might be summer on the other side of the world, but here its's c...o...l...d..., but it IS getting slowly warmer as spring stirs.  Jana's challenge for this fortnight is to dive deep and its been a challenge in lots of ways because I've left the black behind (well, just for a week or two)....and slipped beneath the waves to add to my ATCs.  There's a merman feeding his pet fish, a little snapshot of a turtle at home, and a treasure chest overflowing with goodies.  Ah......if only I could swim!!

Here they are a little closer up.....

......lots of pearls and other bling, and bubbles and scraps of paper and ribbon from the busy room.  

Why dont you join us and explore the subterranean depths........

You have until the end of Saturday 7 September to join in with your fabulous creation. Add your blog post address to Mr Linky below. If you would like to join in with a previous challenge we've set (life happens and lateness is absolutely fine, we don't mind a bit) just add your blog post address to Mr Linky below. Please make sure your blog post refers to the previous challenge you are entering so we don't get confused. We look forward to visiting you! This is a Blog Hop!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tiny little masterpeices

...well, maybe not, but they're fun to do and OH so fiddly.  I still think in inches to sew, but hadn't realised how much decimal measurement had infiltrated my life til I set out to make a collection of inchies.  The inch in my mind is about four times bigger than the inch on my ruler!!

These are some summer themed ones I made - using up lots of little images from my decoupage boxes, and thinking about what summer brings to mind - holidays and sunshine and not wearing very much and sitting around being lazy, and also the bush-fires we dread every year, and the drought that continues month after month after month.  I confess to adding a frame to each one because they seemed so tiny and lost.........

I'm working on a collection to rival my ATCs, and here are some others from friends...the amazing Electra can pack so much into such a tiny space - and she doesn't feel the need to frame hers!! I think my favourite is the yacht, but that's just because I'd rather be sailing.........

Just the other day, in celebration of summer, these little masterpieces came from Jana who was my inspiration to go down this miniature path.  Love the picnic basket, but I'd be very wary of that friendly looking crab.....

Here's a link with how to get your head around some small acts of craftiness...  Try one.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

OG 163 "The start of something........."

Whenever I think about starting something new I get all excited and enthusiastic.  I want to go out and acquire all the accoutrements of the new craft (because that's generally what it is) and find a place to work (that's relatively simple), and then a place to put things........and here I come unstuck.

However, spurred on by this challenge I have expanded my horizon a little more and gone back to sewing, and linked my new love for felting with my old love.  I've played with felt pieces before, but making felt from scratch is amazing.  The wool is soft and pulls apart in feathery wisps, and the process can be a bit like painting.  First I made a scrap with three colours, and attempted some button holes, just in case I ever feel brave enough to make a whole garment; then I made two lots of pre-felt and joined them in strips and patterns to make a scarf.  The last image is part of a pansy with shaped petals and lots of twists of wool and silk threads.  Not sure what to do with it, except make more and have yet another collection!!

I love how threads and scraps of natural fabric bond with the wool and recreate themselves into veins and decorations, and how thin layers of coloured wool combine.

This is a challenge for you to start something new - it doesn't have to be a crafty thing, it could be a new book I suppose, or a new recipe, but whatever it is, we want to see it.