Sunday, June 30, 2013

OG 160 Pin it.........

When Pinterest appeared I was instantly drawn and ahh-ing at images of things I admired, food I wanted to make, places I wanted to see, houses I wished mine was more like........and lots and lots and lots of things I wanted to copy.  Haven't done ANY of those things, but its nice to have a goal!! 

Then we (the fabulous Opus Gluei Grand Poobahs and their team) came up with this challenge: find something you love, and make it your own. So this is the challenge: Pin it (that's the easy bit), Spin it (okay - thinking caps on), and Win it (goodies to share!!).

One of my boards is all about art that inspires me and this is the pin I saw a year ago (so my creativity has really been active Yes?  NO!!).  For my take on it I used a TE stamp and got busy with the bling and even found the heat gun to do some embossing.  I made three ATCs, and its set me off on a whole new theme for cards for friends.  I might even bravely put pen to paper and DRAW the trees instead; now that would be creative.

Now its your turn.....Come join us and share your interests...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wings! I associate wings with fairies....which are not really my thing.  Bad fairies being devilish I could do, but all I can imagine is Tinkerbell.  More thought....butterflies?  moths?  aeroplanes?  birds?  Whatever I choose, it will have to be an ATC because I'm thinking small wings.

Its at this point that I gave up and consulted my scrapbooks, so this is the result.  First up is a group of fairy-ish little people, perhaps elves?  They're darting off somewhere really exciting, even if that insect needs some persuading - he looks just a little uncertain.  This used up some little pieces of paper and ribbon that I'd saved...................for something  This must have been it.

But it seemed a little bland so I hunted a little further and found this angel with beautiful coloured wings and a thoughtful expression.  

All he needed was a star or two and some vaguely glittery handmade tissue.

Then of course I remembered that, knowing this Challenge was coming up, I had bought a dragonfly punch - not that I had the slightest idea what I would do with it, but trusted that inspiration would strike.   Not sure that I'd call this "inspired", but I like the base image and it only needed one little dragonfly to land on the birds of paradise.

So there you have it.  My take (or two or three) on the things with wings.  Hope you come and play with us at Opus Gluei and show us your lovely work.

Monday, June 3, 2013

OG 158 Birthdays

June is a big birthday month for me, the first week would be exhausting if everyone
had a party on their right day!!  And I'd be so much rounder from all the food and champagne.....  

I've made three cards to share - the first is for my sister in law Gaye who loves bright colours and just seems to cruise through life with a smile no matter what she faces.  I'm not deceived but I SO appreciate her ability to remain positive. I tried to use her favourite colours, and even got out the Cuttlebug to cut some flowers.  The poor machine is so dusty,  I'm amazed that I remember how to use it.  

The second card is for my friend Wendy who loves orange.  Once again I fell in love with the paper and couldn't cover up any of the shadows so there's just a bit of sparkle and some ribbon.  I like the layers of shadows in the paper.

The last card uses my favourite colours and is for my friend Sue.  Can't say how long this layered cardboard flower (and its companions) have been lurking in the busy room boxes...just another thing I HAD to have, and promptly forgot to use......til now.  

Wishing all my friends the very best of birthdays this year.