Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter.....egg

This is not the place to get into a discussion about what Easter means to you, but we can at least agree that eggs are a sign of new beginnings.  Electra challenged us to use eggs in our project this time, and I could have taken a photograph of breakfast....bit like "checking in" really.........but this is not facebook.

Here are two ATCs with a tiny version of eggs I made with one of my classes in the past.  They're egg shaped cut-outs, wrapped in scraps of tissue paper.  When we made them in class, my students put bows around their middles and drew patterns on them too.  I like how the overlap creates new colours.  I found the rabbit in a treasure trove of retro pictures from some re-purposed books and I had to tint the edges because old paper doesn't cut as cleanly as new stuff.

......and I wont comment on the Lindt chocolate if you don't.  Why bother?  It wont last long.

Come over to Opus Gluei and see what everyone else created....and don't forget to join in.  Even if you just take a photograph of the paper that was around your last egg.