Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary Opus Gluei

How can it have been only a year since the crafty Poobahs lured us into their glue-pots??  In order to celebrate their first year we, the glue users of their world, are allowed to make anything we choose.... so this is my offering with not a dot of glue to be seen.  It made sense at the time!!

Its been a busy day repairing and remaking lots of bits and pieces of other people's jewellery and then I remembered something new I had to make.  Giuliana likes skulls, she even wants them in her wedding hairpiece (a tiny one that only she will know is there) but that's still a couple of months away so she might change her mind............  Found these little guys at my beading supplier and  turned them into earrings.

No glue, just a few twists of wire and some beads, but I made them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

S is for Sparkle

Here's my suggestion for a sparkly card to fulfill the requirements at the ABC Challenge this week.  My plan for sparkling butterflies and an intense time with the heat gun and embossing powders all fell in a gigantic heap when my friend Liz waved this glittery DP at me.  The beautiful tree stamp is a SU one borrowed from Debbie (I seem to do that a lot lately) and embossed in silver on grey card.  Some ribbon and diamonds and a slip of cloudy paper for a background......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Opus Gluei #50 For the Birds

Look carefully.......... there really is a bird there.  Sad to say life got in the way of greater thought about birds this week..... many things to finish for work, and all the other things which conspire to keep me away from my busy room.

I tried very hard to introduce some colour into my cards today but didn't really succeed too well with this one.  BUT, there is a bird, albeit a very small one.  I like the water droplet under the leaf, and the ribbon which is a lovely piece of stitched olive green but reversed here.  The images are both from a Sweet & Sassy stamp set, and the DP and ink are SU (old olive).

Special thanks

This week I was asked to make a card to thank a special member of our school community who has been a part of the School Council for years..... and seen us through three different Principals and quite a few staff.  He's not a parent or a teacher, but a community member who joined the Council to give his time and expertise if it was wanted.  For once the elements of the card came together quickly, and I hope he likes it. 

I used the last of my big 6" pre-folded cards, very hard to find at the moment (I like them because they give me a big canvas to play on) and another piece of the lovely La Creme stack, plus some gold and black scraps.  The DP is another sheet from the holiday stack I found a couple of weeks ago and the image is part of a compass.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

TE Sketch Challenge #108

Cant seem to break away from the busy room today, despite the large basket of ironing, the complaining cats ("Food... NOW"), the parsley and rosemary pots I should have planted (tomorrow.....).  I needed a special card for a good friend and came across this sketch to motivate me.  It will appeal to my friend because she's very obsessive about lines and spacing, but she'd have been horrified to see me winging the positioning without a ruler.  The way I see it, I try to get it right and if its a little off centre, then its clearly handmade and unique!  Any old machine can get perfection!

It was also the perfect way to use lots of black and white scraps which I cant bear to throw away just in case, and here's the case in question.  Two pieces are from a sheet of Bella! Grace Paperz called Dandy, and the image across the bottom is from a little pad of squares with a holiday theme.  There are a few brads and sequins and a little bow just because...  The only thing that hasn't shown up is the real colour of the background which isn't blue at all but rather a lovely shade of purple.

ABC Challenge - R is for red

Lovely excuse to play with red and black for this challenge...... Found these black cards and envelopes today and hunted through the card scraps to find some reds that complimented eachother.  There's a piece of parchment textured red, and a tiny square of DP from Paper Chic, as well as flowers and a white brad to hold it all together.  And yet another little piece of ribbon finds a home, well two little pieces to be truthful. 

Thank heavens the challenges at ABC last for two weeks because it gives slow people time to organise themselves!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

MMSC #48 - the simple version

Further to this morning's post, here's another attempt with the same paper but a bit of what I like best too... BLACK!!  And I dont know that it works either, maybe my mojo has up and gone walkabout, maybe the paper didn't inspire me, maybe I should just stick to black and white. 

I was so pleased to see a simple layout from Priscilla that I seized it and was cutting paper and ribbon when I should have been getting dressed to go out, but I was only a little bit late afterall.  

This is for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge which I love because of its name before anything else.  I chose the simpler layout because I struggle with bows and embellishments.  The DP is the last interesting bit of Tangerine Flowers, and there is even a cuttlebugged layer under it all.  Ribbon and foil bits from the come-in-handy box, and some decoupage cutting practice in evidence too.

Opus Gluei # 49 Sparkle

I hate how my camera has a mind of its own and doesn't see the colours I do.... have been wandering the house searching for good light because my usual spot "Doesn't do yellow".  Now there ladies (I'm addressing this to the Poobahs), that's one VERY GOOD REASON why monochrome is me!  Its so easy to photograph! 

Okay, whinge over.....

So the card.... well it looks better in real life, bit like its maker, and it has a huge list of ingredients.  There's some Francheville Tangerine Flowers DP, assorted bits of custard coloured card bits, and the SU sentiment from their Inspired by nature set.  I matched the iridescent embossing of the flowers by stamping the sentiment in the background as well as in copper on the centre strip.  The butterfly escaped from my March kit from Taylored Expressions, and the gold gauze ribbon was hanging about looking for a home and so was the foil.

I wanted to avoid anything remotely black and white, but I think this would look more "passionate" if the tangerine leapt off a black page.  Next time.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Goodies to play with

Spent last Sunday crafting with the lovely Ali and Ev after several weeks of doing absolutely nothing except work-type work.  

While Ali played with her newly acquired monotone Copics and Ev painted and varnished, I played with my newly received parcel of Key Ingredients from Taylored Expressions.  The February pack could have been personalised for me (but it wasn't) because it was a great collection of black and white things, with some good solid colours thrown in too (think red, yellow, pink, green).  

Here are two cards I made with a tiny part of the parcel.  The bird stamp is SU one I dont own but borrowed one day from Debbie P, but the satin spotted flowers are in the kit as is all the spotted ribbon.

Cant show anyone the other things I made until they go where they're meant to be.............

Opus Gluei #48 Felt up

Once I'd stopped snickering (what a great word that is) about the Challenge title I started thinking.  L-o-n-g s-l-o-w process today....  First I went off on a felt tangent and fancied finding a felt mouse shaped pin-cushion I once made, but that was doomed to failure from the start.  Where to start looking?  About this point I began to wonder where the felt actually was........... PRESTO!!  Very top shelf as you can see (that's it in the plastic bags which try to prevent dust).

Then I thought I'd be very clever and combine an old challenge with this new one because I really liked the basket of flowers from a couple of weeks ago (look here) but when I tried colouring yellow centres, well, it all went pear-shaped.  Trust me, you had to be there.

So...... when in doubt, resort to comfort zone!  Here is my slightly felted offering with profuse apologies for the same old thing in similar packaging (ie black and white again).  I really like this figured paper, and its a scrap of wrapping paper that I had to keep.  The flowers were going to be Mary Quant ones, but morphed into these instead, with little button centres.  The sentiment is just a sticker from the days before I owned any stamps at all.  Have to use them up!!

Then I made some other little things, but that's for another time.