Monday, June 28, 2010

Tim's birthday

Where did those 21 years go?  Tim is the middle son of a good friend, so I've known him since before he was born.  He barracks for the Mighty Bombers, also known as Essendon to those quieter more sedate people, and their colours are red and black.  

Being a quiet and unassuming Bombers supporter myself was easy to find the right mix for his birthday card, given that most of the paper in my room is black.  I uncovered the cuttlebug (see the next post below... its there on the edge of the bench) and used the squares folder.  There are silver brads, and a wee piece of La Creme that was lurking in the corner of a box.  The 21 is from a set of acrylic stamps that I've nearly worn out because they're so useful.

What's going on?

They're wicked over there at Opus Gluei.... usually nobody, and I mean NOBODY sees the space I call my Busy Room, mainly because its a place only the owner could love.  I followed the rules (I nearly wrote "guidelines" but who am I kidding, these are RULES) and didn't move a thing, just turned around from my computer and snapped some pictures.  Then I looked , really looked, at them and there's hardly a bit of paper to be seen.  I really do make cards here.  Somewhere. 

The best thing about my desk is that its high (I use a drafting stool to sit at it), and about 8 feet long, and 30 inches wide.... and the remaining workspace is about a foot square.  It has a lovely big pinboard at the back and lots of shelves above.  Ideal.....and full.  The rest of the room is best left to your imagination.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Opus Gluei #59 Ice cream

Have you ANY idea how cold it is here?  Ice-cream?  You've got to be joking.  Today we had winds of 100+ km/h and hailstones (it was just as the classes were walking down to the bottom of the oval to see the mobile farm)(thank heavens for the big dryer in the laundry)......  but last night it was a little milder and I suddenly had the urge to break out the cuttlebug because it occurred to me that the spider web folder was just what I needed for waffle cones.  I should have been asleep, but these OG challenges eat away at the little grey cells.....

So here is my ice-cream, but I couldn't resist a little mis-hap to keep the whole idea from being too cute.  Shame about that choc-honeycomb chip one hitting the ground, but life does indeed have its moments.  I had a bit of fun with the cuttlebug, a couple of circle punches and SU Crystal Effects which I keep forgetting about.  The sentiment is from an acrylic set I found at Spotlight, and the DP is another piece from the wonderful La Creme stack.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexandra

Some girls are very pink, and that means I'm getting even further outside the zone than usual..... The only white thing about this card is the envelope, and there's not a speck of black to be seen.  Never mind, she'll grow up soon and then, provided my fingers and brain still work together to make cards at all, I'll be able to charm her with something black and white.

In the meantime:  this uses almost the last of my dragonflies, along with a little card cut out that came in a bundle from the Poobahs one day.  The Francheville Tangerine Flowers DP was lurking in the busy room (probably wondering if it would ever be used!!)and the pink is so old its just a scrap with no name left.  I used a cream card and matched it with some ribbon Lisa sent last year.  

I love how my busy room boxes are full of little things from friends far and near.  Using them on cards for other friends is a bit like paying it forward I think.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Life's a beach

...its a bit cold for this today, but what a thought!  Warm sun, a deserted beach and hopefully a good book.  Then of course there must be the hotel just behind me, with a waiter just about to wander down the sand and remind me that lunch will be served soon, or perhaps ask if I'd like something refreshing to drink?  Doesn't hurt to dream!!

I did sit on a beach a bit like this once on one of the lovely Whitsunday Islands..... no palm trees though, and DEFINITELY no waiter, or hotel for that matter.

This little slice of memory is for Opus Gluei #58.  There's some coloured CS from the boxes, a piece of red ribbon to match the stripes in the beach towel, and that umbrella, some sand which I think I saved from my sons sandpit (to have on the bottom of candle bowls so the sand absorbs the wax)(L-o-n-g story related to my fire-protection absorbed husband who hated candles), and some shells saved from a wander along a beach some time in the past.  The image is one I clipped from a magazine.  I was trying to duplicate the horizon with the two colours of CS - sort of matching the sea.  The passport stamp is one I've had for a while and its a really useful one to suggest far away places.

Maybe I should have used it on Ali's card too?? 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I can see clearly now (Opus Gluei #57)

I have very bad memories of acetate sheet.... once a long time ago I made a card that was supposed to take its inspiration from the movie "Singing in the Rain" and I went off on a crazy tangent that involved simulating water on a window, my cuttlebug and a piece of acetate.  I almost never recovered, and that particular card didn't make it to the archive.  It should NEVER have made it to the entry stage either but that's another sad story.  Well, we all have to start somewhere, some of us lower down the scale than others!!  
Made two cards and like them both.  Here's the first, and if you go down to the previous post you'll see the second.  I finally worked out that I have to post in reverse order.....  Anyway this one is a sympathy card destined unfortunately for a friend.  I know its mostly black, and maybe that's a bit maudlin, but I also think its a stylish card and think she'll like it because she's a stylish lady herself.  I left out lots of words because I want to write a message that doesn't need to jostle with a generated sentiment, and I'm not a big fan of gushing.

The acetate sheet is another pre-cut one (see the next post) with silver embossing, and there are a couple different ribbons (thanks for the spotted one Liz) and a layered Kaisercraft flower.

Opus Gluei #57 I can see even more clearly now

.... more acetate sheet.  This very minimalist attempt combines a Japanese image from my decoupage file with a pre-cut ATC sized piece of acetate with a silver frame embossed on it.  I was hunting around at the local Spotlight and found a packet of these Fundamentals with 5 different designs printed on acetate and ready to go.  I included the fragment picture just to show it is indeed acetate and terrible to photograph!

I know this will look too simple for most, but I seem to be on a "less-is-more" kick lately; plus it seems to compliment the oriental image.  Japanese things always give me the impression that everything over the top has been shaved away and just the bones remain.

Bon Voyage Ali

My very dear friend is off on the trip of a lifetime (until she gets home with itchy feet and plans the next one) catching up with family and travelling around the Mediterranean.  Lucky girl.  Can hardly wait for the photos because I know they'll be spectacular... not only is she going to be in wonderful places, but she has a great eye for the unusual so the holidays snaps will be anything but.........