Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OG #157 Chat Noir

So honoured to be a part of the glorious Opus Gluei, and still a bit flabbergasted at being asked to join.
Who'd have thought it?  and I've also been favoured with a challenge that's right up my street (well, Avenue really, but since I live in Melbourne I don't suppose I'm going to be inundated with callers) (but you're welcome if you visit)

....BLACK!!  Hooray, after all those colours in the recent posts (had to sit down and fan myself).

I have made some ATCs, which are my very favourite things, until I get around to trying inchies....Black seems to go with everything, but for me  it sings best with silver and red or white.  I've used a variety of things from the bottom of the busy-room drawers and I hope you're inspired to try your hand at this lovely mysterious and romantic part of the spectrum."

The first one has a top layer of silver embossed acetate sheet over the black card, the second one uses another TE flower I've been hoarding for far too long, and the third is just a little bit of romance.  I seem to be stuck on double layers this time.

So come and join us and see what other people create too........

Sunday, May 5, 2013

OG 156 - A Bouquet of flowers

Now for something completely different... I've been learning how to make felt, and its great fun but very labour intensive. It will be a while before I'm brave enough to share the things I'm turning my felt into, so I'm still buying other people's work.

 A few days ago I was introduced to a shop in the fabulous Nicholson Building in Melbourne and I bought lots of felt shapes, all sold by weight. I have a few other things planned, but here are some of the brooches I made by layering the flower shapes. Two are secured by random buttons that have been lurking around the edges of my work bench, and the other one has a blue bead at its centre.  

The one I'm keeping is the orange one, the others are destined for friends.

Don't forget to see what other people create too....