Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another mosaic

Haven't put the third creation in the garden yet because the grass is so long that I can't even find the place I made it for.

.......but here's the next one.  It was made to sit near a huge Bird of Paradise that towers over that part of the garden.  It hasn't flowered yet because its still too young, but Liz has several at her place so I had to spend some quality time researching the flowers over in her garden (coffee, contemplation, dinner....).  I'm really looking forward to the year my plant gets its first flower because they're stunning: black heads with a greyish bloom over them and long waving white "feathers" with blue tongues.  When the white begins to wither it goes a pale shade of creamy beige and looks wildly untidy.
At the base of the garden here, and where the column stands, there are lots of winter roses thriving in the shade, some unruly belladonna lillies and an assortment of other things which first survived our drought and now the soaking rain.  If you knew my garden as well as I do you'd know that some of the green in these pictures is really a background of exceedingly long grass.  

The second picture gives a better idea of the whole of one side, including the depression where, under the tiles, there was a chunk out of the side of the pipe.  I think its a bit like the ear (see previous post about that bit of trivia), and makes each pipe unique.