Monday, March 8, 2010

Dragonfly Card Drive

Its the little gestures that really matter in times of great stress, and particularly when we deal with the sickness or loss of someone we love.  Life seems to stop for us, and we cannot understand how other people around us can still laugh, sit in the sun with a coffee, or even find matching shoes......  Taylor over at Taylored Expressions has a habit of finding good causes to support, and this one is such a simple idea, bringing with it the chance to gift a little light into a sad time.  She writes:My sister-in-law and a high school friend both work as labor and delivery nurses at Sanford Medical Center in Sioux Falls, SD. When they told me about the wonderful work they're doing for parents suffering the loss of a newborn, I knew we could help! The cards we gather will be donated to the Neonatal Intensive Care nurses where they use the dragonfly as a symbol of hope for families who have lost a child during delivery or in the early stages of life. Families are given a dragonfly card while they are in the hospital as something to hold on to, cherish, and comfort them after the quiet time spent with their son or daughter. In addition to a card, the parents receive a small ring with a poem, a prayer shawl for the mother (to symbolize God wrapping his loving arms around her), along with baby footprints and baby molds.   
The full story is on this special entry from her blog.  Find the details of what to make and where to send it there.

I bought these dragonflies many years ago at the first ever Stitches & Craft Show I went to and I've struggled to find a way to use them.  They were forgotten at the bottom of my come-in-handy box.  I used a couple of different ways to attach them, with glue featuring VERY HEAVILY because I'd hate them to fall off before the cards were passed on.  I used some ribbon from my friends Rosemary and Jana at Opus Gluei and a collection of flowers, brads, diamonds and card scraps.  The stamp is one of the SU Pocket Silhouettes in my favourite olive green.

Last year when I needed the help of my friends to help me come to terms with overwhelming sadness, it was little things that made the difference on really dark days.  I hope I can repay their kindness and love by paying it forward.