Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day #2

Mmm... high tea.....  a fine china tiered platter with the following: two tiny pies, a tiny pastie, three sandwich rolls (salmon, asparagus, egg)(but anything but plain like they sound), two hot scones with raspberry jam and thick cream.  And that was just the top...  add a collection of miniature cakes... a macaroon, a pistachio eclair, a vanilla eclair, a tiny perfect red velvet cake iced and topped with chocolate flowers, two little orange mousse served in chocolate cups, and a raspberry tartlet.  We shared a beautiful pot of green tea.

Forgot to add that my day began with finding these beautiful flowers on the end of the kitchen bench.  In his typical style, my sons card is fragment of recycled cardboard, hand lettered, and the flowers were gratefully soaking up water in a beer glass.  Wouldn't change him for the world.  The house is full of the perfume of Asiatic lilies.


  1. I have fond memories of another high tea - one WE shared! Must do it again!

  2. That sounds marvelous; from the flower find to the delicious tea!


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