Friday, May 14, 2010

Opus Gluei #54 "Fit to be tied"

I'm with you Rosemary.... I love ribbons and can never resist another roll, just in case......  Once I opened a surprise parcel from the other side of the world and there were lots of little rolls of black and white ribbons in it and I was in 7th heaven for days.  But do I use it?  Of course not, I might need it.  Go figure. 

Then there's the dilemma of black on black on black, solved by ignoring it, and so here's my response to your challenge.....  Black CS tied up with three different sorts of ribbon, mounted on gold just because I had some, and then on a black card.  The flower was instead of a bow because I couldn't decide where to put a bow so that the end result wasn't too........ frilly?  That's me sticking to my motto of straight lines and layers (I know my limitations!!).  Inside is a creamy square to write on so I dont have to find a gel pen that will show up on black.


  1. I do the same thing (I hoard my ribbons because I think - but I might need it and not have it - oh my gosh, we're being so silly!). This is grand card, I love it - it's so Chat Noir - all chic and elegant. Your projects always project elegance. In fact, this one does has an Asian flair to it, in my opinion. Thank you, Carolann, for participating with us at Opus Gluei - I love to see your work!

  2. You have me cracking up. I totally get the "saving it" thing. Silly, but it's how I am. Your card is so elegant. I love your style. Thank you so much for playing with us at Opus Gluei. I always look forward to your artistic creations.


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