Saturday, October 18, 2014


Its a good thing that I have friends across the world, they celebrate different things and different days.......and Halloween is just one.  Once upon a time I would have muttered about how Australia is being swallowed by other countries and their customs, but now I have to admit to liking the richer tapestry it all makes...................and that's my philosophical musing for today.

The lovely Poobahs at Opus Gluei are mostly from the American continent, so they know all about Halloween and they're slowly teaching me.  The challenge this week has a Halloween theme so I incorporated a digi from Make it Crafty.  I like how he unravels, and I like to think he's a little zombie-like, which ties him to my group of Zombie Outbreak Response Unit friends.  Simon, see what you've done!

I like the shiny bat, made with the help of some Stampin' Up Crystal Effects, and to emphasise the link to my favourite ZORU, I had to use the orange spooky cobweb paper.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

...and while I'm here

It is no secret that I love making ATC; they're tiny little snapshots of an idea, they dont need to have sentiments carefully positioned, they can have all sorts of things in juxtaposition and not look out of place.....because they're so small.

Here are three I made for a Purple Challenge set up by some friends here in Australia.

Have just realised that they all glitter, which combined with purple makes them most unusual for me.  I freely admit that some challenges are a bit like the books chosen at my Book Club, forcing me to do things I would not ordinarily do/read/combine/bother with at all!!  Just goes to show that it didn't hurt at all.

....and for the most recent challenge at Opus Gluei, we had to use clocks or time or something related to time....and I made these two.  I think inspiration deserted me, but the clocks are there.

The sentiment says "An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth", and I like that thought.  These stamps are an old Stampin' Up set, as are the embossed cogs in the top picture.

Other people's time related work can be found here.

Catching Up

The trouble with being on holidays is that I'm so busy doing new things that I forget to do usual of those is the ironing, but I'm not hurrying to do that any time soon.  So this is  catch-up post to keep track of things.

First some birthday cards I made for dear friends and just in time for the Birthday Challenge at Opus Gluei.  The first one was for my friend Ann and is a long way outside my comfort-zone, but right in hers.  We've been friends for so long that I have to make sure I dont ever make two cards the same for her....

I wanted it to be bright and cheerful, and to have nothing pink (but that's just because she and I have an understanding about that) it has ribbon and bling and fluffy flowers, and its a beautiful gentle orange instead.

The second card is for Emmy, my walking buddy, my recipe-sharing buddy, my dear friend. 

It grew from the tiny piece of blue and black embossed paper.  The photograph makes it look more sombre than it is in real life.  Can't believe I still have some of this ribbon left - a gift from Lisa several years ago, and carefully hoarded ever since!

If you missed the birthday challenge, you can see what everyone else did here.