Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthdays

I seem to be channeling something floral........  Even the cuttlebug has had a workout while I make up more flowers to replace all the ones I'm using.

What HAS got into me?

You oughtta be in pictures... OG 151

My favourite Blues Bros.
I can't believe that the first time I saw this movie I thought it was the greatest waste of time.........where was my head?  Since then it has become a family legend, along with Ghostbusters (now what does that say about our family??).  There's a lovely old vintage theatre near me, and it shows lovely old vintage movies, and some new ones too.  On Friday night "The Blues Brothers" was playing, as it does about four times every year.  The photo I've included here was taken a few years ago when my son and his mates went to a screening, and OF COURSE they dressed the part, just as we continue to do now (but that's NOT a photo I'm sharing).

Oh and I did make something too.... a very minimalist ATC.  I had in mind to make a whole Blues Bros collection but time got away from me, so its just one, and not very exciting at that.  Sorry ladies!! Read on....