Monday, October 19, 2009

Hocus Pocus!!

Ahhhh, dont you just love it when the comfort zone returns!! Created this card for Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge and for Opus Gluei.... a little magic goes a longer way sometimes.

I had fun with the cuttlebug cobweb folder and then went over all the lines with a fine
point calligraphy pen, and added some raindrops for effect. I was puzzling over whether to use a black cat (very Thackery Binx, not to mention chat noir) when I chanced upon this image in my decoupage folders. "Escape" seemed the perfect sentiment given that the strange trio are perhaps beside a door or window....and that poor man looks terrified. As well he should. Blood red seemed the obvious choice for embossing. I think they have a ghoulish almost zombie look, I love their hair and outstretched hands.

This is definitely BLACK magic but I'm really only guessing!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Opus Gluei Challenge #28 Blue

I was so pleased with my plan for this card which meant I'd actually have the right thing for Dad next year, but when I put it all together..... well, it doesn't really do what I wanted. So I'll put it on the bottom of the learning curve, and maybe I'll stick to black and white instead!!

Cant give many specifics about the DP I used because I was reall
y clever and cut off the label, but the side I DIDN'T use is shades of sepia with faded images of ropes and compasses, and the other side is this old blue-print style with ships' plans all over it. My Dad is one of those Wind in the Willows "messing about in boats" sort of man, so the paper is just his style. The boat is layered on two shades of blue CS along with a length of sea-blue satin ribbon. The cogs are from the SU Sense of Time set, embossed with hologram dust. The sentiment is from Sweet 'n' Sassy.

It could have been better, but now I've run out of blue!