Friday, June 11, 2010

Life's a beach

...its a bit cold for this today, but what a thought!  Warm sun, a deserted beach and hopefully a good book.  Then of course there must be the hotel just behind me, with a waiter just about to wander down the sand and remind me that lunch will be served soon, or perhaps ask if I'd like something refreshing to drink?  Doesn't hurt to dream!!

I did sit on a beach a bit like this once on one of the lovely Whitsunday Islands..... no palm trees though, and DEFINITELY no waiter, or hotel for that matter.

This little slice of memory is for Opus Gluei #58.  There's some coloured CS from the boxes, a piece of red ribbon to match the stripes in the beach towel, and that umbrella, some sand which I think I saved from my sons sandpit (to have on the bottom of candle bowls so the sand absorbs the wax)(L-o-n-g story related to my fire-protection absorbed husband who hated candles), and some shells saved from a wander along a beach some time in the past.  The image is one I clipped from a magazine.  I was trying to duplicate the horizon with the two colours of CS - sort of matching the sea.  The passport stamp is one I've had for a while and its a really useful one to suggest far away places.

Maybe I should have used it on Ali's card too?? 


  1. This is spectacular! I love the passport, the image, the way you've put it all together to give it such depth. Wow!

  2. Love this and all the color - woo hoo!!!!

    I'm loving the central image of the lady on the beach, am wishing myself to my happy place (lol)!!! The extra touch of the shells and sand make it perfect.

    As always, thank you for continuing to play with us at Opus Gluei - we are always so happy to see you linking with us and sharing some bloggy goodness!

  3. Ooops forgot to add this to my already wordy comment (but you expect that from me right? lol)

    I love how you make everything you create so elegant looking. I mean, your projects always look so chic, I want some of that mojo!!!!

  4. Well, okay, Electra does make fabulous projects but I guess I consider yours to be so classic and lovely - they're the little black dress of projects! Perfect, chic, tasteful, and elegant, and it doesn't get any better than that - okay, yes, they even take off ten pounds! See? Perfection!

  5. and yet another comment because I'm like that. Jana and I both laugh our poobah behinds off at the little comment under the OG birdies. gets me every time!

  6. I LOVE your card. It is so relaxing. Makes me want to go on a vacation to a beach resort. With Pablo (the shirtless waiter) bringing me cool tropical drinks. Thank you for playing with us at OPUS GLUEI. I love seeing your creations. You never fail to make me happy.


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