Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexandra

Some girls are very pink, and that means I'm getting even further outside the zone than usual..... The only white thing about this card is the envelope, and there's not a speck of black to be seen.  Never mind, she'll grow up soon and then, provided my fingers and brain still work together to make cards at all, I'll be able to charm her with something black and white.

In the meantime:  this uses almost the last of my dragonflies, along with a little card cut out that came in a bundle from the Poobahs one day.  The Francheville Tangerine Flowers DP was lurking in the busy room (probably wondering if it would ever be used!!)and the pink is so old its just a scrap with no name left.  I used a cream card and matched it with some ribbon Lisa sent last year.  

I love how my busy room boxes are full of little things from friends far and near.  Using them on cards for other friends is a bit like paying it forward I think.


  1. Well for being outside your comfort zone you've done an AMAZING job! LOVE those dragonflies!

  2. How did I miss this? What the heck was wrong with ME? I love this, oh my gosh for someone who supposedly likes only black and white, your color projects are marvelous!!!!

    Yes, I think it is like paying it forward and sending on happy thoughts. I love the dragonfly.

    Now, when are you going to knit that iPod cover? LOL


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