Monday, March 10, 2014

Letters of the alphabet........

.........always make me think of my favourite things (of the moment, they're always changing)....and so it is with the ATCs I made for this challenge at Opus Gluei.  I almost didn't get a chance to upload it owing to glitches in the system here, but the least said about that the better.

I began with C for cat, for no particular reason except that it was easy to do, and I had all the pieces to hand on the desk.  The C is from the drawer of "come-in-handy" things in my son's desk, and the cat stares with the same expression as one of mine.....

 Full of enthusiasm, I then went hunting through the folders of images I save for decoupage, and came upon the tiny fairy dancing on a cobweb strung between the grasses.  I'm not really a fairy person, but she has long dark hair, just like mine once was, so she made it onto the "keep" list.  Once I added the moon's face, Moonlight was the obvious choice.

A casual glance around my home will discover a
tendency towards collecting things with an asian influence, but the word "orient" always sounds so much more mysterious (I blame too much reading as a child) the choice for O was easy.  Katrina handed me a box of miniature masks just today, so the ATC very nearly made itself.  The coins are from a broken bracelet, the newsprint from a paper wrapped around a purchase from Chinatown (and probably advertises used cars!!), and the image of a plate is from the files.  Together it makes an oriental collection of no fixed address.
The choice for S was made when the image of a bright white path on Santorini fell out of an envelope along with a Blue Star ferry ticket, which is how you get from one island to another for the smallest amount of money.  Just the image immediately brought to mind the heat, and the bright sun, and the donkeys, and the food!  Being there with childhood friends was so memorable and such fun.

And lastly....lying there among the scraps of paper was the head of a Zombie.  Doesn't every desk have one?  Had to give him a home and indulge in a tiny bit of graveyard art as well.  Perhaps in a shirt and tie he's too well dressed to have popped up from a grave, but then what do I really know about zombies?

I think a whole alphabet would be fun, but I know I'd never complete it.....I remember how long it took to finish the month of lists and tags last year!!

If the alphabet might be your thing, or if you just want to make use of lots of letters in your work, come and join us at Opus Gluei and show off your work.

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  1. I love the interesting artistic venues the alphabet took you through in this ATC series. I hope you continue to work on it, even if you just work on it sporadically. Blessings!


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