Sunday, September 8, 2013


On the other side of the world it was Skyscraper Day on September 3 while here it was just another day.........but its still a good excuse to show you some of the places in my city of Melbourne.  Places in the centre of the bustling and beautiful "World's Most Livable City", and places just outside in the suburbs where my friends and family live.

If I was as clever as Electra, I would be able to make digital scrapbook pages, but I'm just an amateur photographer so here's a selection of some out of the way images of my home town.  The first is under the Bolte (pronounced boltE) Bridge one Tuesday afternoon while I waited for my friend to come in off the water from dragon-boat paddling.

Dockyard seagulls
 Melbourne is riddled with laneways full of shops and coffee houses
Laneway florist
or you can have afternoon tea at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in The Block Arcade, so called because, last century, fashionable ladies could be seen walking around "the block" where all the best shops are to be found.  We were in the queue, planning what to eat.

The Block Arcade
....and this is the aforementioned Bolte Bridge which flies over the lower end of the Yarra and carries traffic from the eastern suburbs where I live out to the airport and beyond.  The centre span is j-u-s-t high enough at low tide for yachts to sail underneath.  The towers are just for show.

Bolte Bridge
....and so down the bay, heading south east to Half Moon Bay where the best thing to do is order fish and chips from the cafe and eat them on the beach.

Half Moon Bay jetty
Drive another hour south and you come to my favourite place for a holiday where the only choice you make is which book to read on which beach .  This is the beautiful Blairgowrie at sunset.
Blairgowrie beach
And on the other side of the headland is the Southern Ocean - next stop, Tasmania....or Antarctica if you go further.  Not a place for faint-hearted swimming.
Hughes Road back beach
And just in case you turned north from the city, instead of south like I do, this is where'd you be....the quiet and creative Healesville.

Where do you live?  I'd love to see some photographs from the other side of the world.

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