Thursday, March 31, 2011

...and another month zips by.

But at least this time I have an excuse that's not work related.  I've just had a knee replaced and am the proud (I think) owner of a shiny new titanium one, at least I'm hoping it was shiny when they put it in.  Dont want to think about it now.

So I have been temporarily reduced to crutches and the inability to do too much that cant be done with my leg higher than my hip so that the lovely balloon-like shape of my leg goes back to something approaching normal.  And such a collection of bruises too (every colour of the rainbow at the purple end).  My Mum thought she might photograph the skin colour and give it to Ali to use as one of her surreal backgrounds, but fortunately she forgot and I've been keeping the support stocking on ever since, just in case she gets any ideas........  Really, if you cant trust your mother, what's left??

However, light is glowing at the end of the tunnel and today I have managed to sit outside in the sun (right next to the archway covered in paper daisy), make it to the desk to pay some bills and lastly write this quick note.  Now to see what everyone else has been up to.......

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