Saturday, April 10, 2010

TE Sketch Challenge #108

Cant seem to break away from the busy room today, despite the large basket of ironing, the complaining cats ("Food... NOW"), the parsley and rosemary pots I should have planted (tomorrow.....).  I needed a special card for a good friend and came across this sketch to motivate me.  It will appeal to my friend because she's very obsessive about lines and spacing, but she'd have been horrified to see me winging the positioning without a ruler.  The way I see it, I try to get it right and if its a little off centre, then its clearly handmade and unique!  Any old machine can get perfection!

It was also the perfect way to use lots of black and white scraps which I cant bear to throw away just in case, and here's the case in question.  Two pieces are from a sheet of Bella! Grace Paperz called Dandy, and the image across the bottom is from a little pad of squares with a holiday theme.  There are a few brads and sequins and a little bow just because...  The only thing that hasn't shown up is the real colour of the background which isn't blue at all but rather a lovely shade of purple.


  1. this is a beautiful card. I love the little scene at the bottom with the swirls and butterflies. and i must say i agree-perfection is for machines, handmade cards have a unique perfection that all their own. but nothing on the card looks off center to me, it looks quite well done.

  2. Oh, I like the clean and simple look of this card! Very very nice, and I think the accent color appears purple, not vivid purple but it looks like a really deep periwinkle (does that help?) Either way, I'm loving this and am jealous because your bow looks way better than mine do! She's going to love the card!

  3. oh, and go plant that rosemary (lol).

  4. Lovely, elegant card. Those papers are yummy. I tend to "eyeball" my borders and margins too. I just don't have the patience to use a ruler.
    And please don't plant Rosemary. I think she is WAYYYYY to young for that. LOL.

  5. WOW - you have created a wonderful card - Love the quilt look and it all looks evenly spaced to me!!! The blue is just GORGEOUS with the B&W

  6. Great card. I love black & white!


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