Saturday, July 25, 2009

Opus Gluei #17 Christmas in July

Hope the Poobahs forgive me this non-glue entry... I never make Christmas cards because I often don't send them til the last minute, and unless they're ready to go, well, I'd never send any at all. So when I read the Christmas theme of this challenge I almost (ALMOST, but not quite) gave up before I started...... but since the philosophy of the Opus Gluei is such a creative and forgiving one I thought some beading was in order.

I fou
nd some nice solid trees at my favourite bead stall in the market, and put them with silver baubles and some big pieces of something mysterious and red. Some kind of nut maybe, there are veins and odd cracks here and there.... Think this might be something I put on AFTER I've cooked the dinner on Christmas Day in case it gets caught in the oven door!!

Suddenly remembered that I'd borrowed a beautiful stamp from Debbie a couple of weeks ago, so had to make a couple of cards just to show I could. The lovely red tree is her SU stamp and the scribble tree is one of mine from Fern Gully. Lots of embossing because its the season for tinsel and sparkle. Merry Christmas!!


  1. your cards are great and I just love the bracelet with the tree charm. Think I well have to make one.

  2. I'm with you on making Christmas cards... I always have the best of intentions, but usually end up buying them or doing a family newsletter. I completely missed sending any this past year, so this year I'm under double pressure. I think it's the mass production of cards that deters me. Anyway, I do love your cards... simple and lovely, both the design and the colors. But that bracelet really caught my eye! It's fantastic!

    Lots of love,

    P.S. Still waiting to see pix of High Tea, but Debbie promises them soon.

  3. Wonderful job with the challenge - TWO cards AND a bracelet - you have surpassed yourself!

  4. AWESOME bracelet. I love this. And those cards are the perfect backdrop. You have most certainly maintained the Opus Gluei spirit here. (We don't require glue. We just like the way Opus Gluei sounds.) I laughed at your reasoning for not making cards. I have some from 2 years ago that I made and never got sent. December is so busy. I have all 3 of my girls' birthdays within 2 weeks of Christmas.

  5. LOVE your Christmas card!!!! I haven't made any this year so far... just one snowflake card. Love the clean lines and your bracelet is AWESOME! You are getting me into the fall/Christmas mode... you enabler! Have a sweet day! :)

  6. Love the bracelet and cards Carolann, and love your description too. 'Big Pieces of Something mysterious' cool name for a piece of jewellery!



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