Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Opus Gluei #12 Sand & Shells

Since I'm sitting here in woollen trousers, long-sleeved jumper, fur-lined vest and my woolliest socks, even THINKING about sand and shells is difficult. I love the beach in winter, but its such a warm-weather destination for the most part.

So this is a card to evoke memories of walking along the sandy beaches at Blairgowrie, right at the edge of the water as it recedes, leaving the sand wet and glistening. I'd have left my thongs in the sand just far enough out of the water to avoid losing them when the waves wash back, and I'd be walking, head bent, looking for shells or jellies or tiny interesting pieces of driftwood. Hours pass, and I'm late for lunch......................

I used a piece of sandy coloured CS, some Colleen King Ocean Sands DP and some scraps for the thongs which have been embossed and then coloured with a gold gel pen. The stamps are from my local discount store specials bin, and the pieces of ribbon have finally come in handy!! I left them loose and cut the sentiment card to look a little like a banner pulled across the sky by a small plane. The tiny shells are from Blairgowrie beach one summer.


  1. Another very clever card - and I can sooo relate to not wanting to think about the beach in this weather!!!! Just thought I'd remind your American visitors that in OZ we call footwear (flip flops) thongs - Carolann is NOT leaving her underwear near the water's edge - LOL

  2. So much for global warming!!!
    It has been quite cool here in Chicago. We usually have 10 degrees warmer. That's okay. I like the cool weather. But on the flip side of the world you are having winter now, I suppose. We are just getting out of that nastiness.
    Fun card. Love the flip flops!

  3. I just read Debbie's comment and it made me laugh!!! I knew what you were talking about because, quite frankly, I'm not a thong woman in the sense she is referring to, so it never crossed my mind. LOL!

    Oh, how I love the beach, too, Carolann. Soon it will be beach weather here in So Cal. We've been having unusually cool, overcast weather here lately, but I don't mind because when the heat comes, it will be relentless and stay for ages. It's hard to imagine you in Oz are freezing! But I'll take the beach and the ocean no matter what the temp. So soothing.

    That's what I think of your clever card... soothing.


  4. Hi Carolann! What a lovely card... and so refreshing to remind us to relax and escape when we can! Love the feel of your card!

    I like Debbie's info about your underwear not being at the beach! He... such fun humor! Chat more soon... :)

  5. Love this card, love the textural feeling from it and just wanna stick my toes in some warm sand. But yes, the beach is also beautiful in the wintertime as well, wild and rough!


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