Thursday, June 4, 2009


Have to thank Rosemary over at "Free advice worth every penny" for this idea. Basically you open a google search option and type in "unfortunately (your name)" and see what comes up. I tried my name, but no-one really has that one spelled the same way, and Chat Noir was a bit of a fizzer too, which is not surprising since most of the options would be in french. That left black cat and here are some of the options.....

Unfortunately, training a black cat is not rocket science.
Who on earth would try and train a cat anyway? I love them just the way they are (elegant, selfish, alert, hungry and bossy).

Unfortunately the black cat hadn't seen the film, or if he had, he'd slept through it.
Clearly this cat doesn't waste his time on mediocrity. Falling alseep gets you out of lots of situations, and maybe into a few others. Wouldn't help for a Cinema Challenge though...

Unfortunately black cats have a frightful reputation.
Now that's totally undeserved, I have two beautiful ones who are part of the family.

Unfortunately black cats do suffer from the stigma of their colour.
Well, since its about the only colour I wear (living in Melbourne is SOOO predictable), I take exception to there being ANY stigma about black.

Unfortunately black kitties find it harder than others to be re-homed.
Kitties? Little sort-of-cute-furry things that fit in a handbag? Now a CAT is an independent thoughtful and articulate animal who might choose to sit near your handbag but only if it matched!

Unfortunately Black Cat still has her targeted, and he never misses a target.
Sounds like every black cat I've had.

Thanks Rosemary. I liked this!!


  1. You always make me smile with the way you see the world!! Will have to try this out - but not sure if I'll publish MY results - LOL

  2. What a cool idea, Carolann! I'd be too afraid to see what "Unfortunately Lisa" comes up with, but I need to be brave!

  3. Thanks for the bit of humor and thoughts to ponder over! Cats are interesting creatures and always make you wonder what they are thinking... He! Keep warm! SMILES... :)


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