Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fill-ins #129

1. All children alarm their parents, if only because you are forever expecting them to do some of the things you did!

2. Show me a good loser and I will show you a someone who cares more about how other people feel than themselves.

3. Being totally indulgent is (like) eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs at one time, or what I'd prefer which is a whole box of Belgian chocolate sea-shells.

4. Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy organising families and working at full-time paid jobs simultaneously.

5. I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine listening to the football and checking the oil and water in his car.

6. It is impossible to think of any good meal, no matter how plain or elegant, without bread or fresh fruit in it.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to salt & pepper calamari for dinner, tomorrow my plans include picking up my husband from his latest adventure and Sunday, I want to sleep in!


  1. I sooooo agree with no.4 - you could write a book on THAT subject - LOL.
    Hope your hubby is well and you get your sleep in - CYA soon!!


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