Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Oscar!

You know how you read in magazines about the difficulty of cooking dinner for a friend who's a chef? Well, the father of this little boy is a designer and printer. He looks at things like the grain on card stock and comments on the difference one point in font size makes (of course he knows the name of the font and how much ink was left in the printer!!) and examines the card minutely to see how its made. Aghhhhhhhh....

So after a few years, you just have to shrug your shoulders and make cards for his family anyway!

I cut present shapes from scraps of CS to match the wrapping paper, well ALMOST match, and decorated them with scraps of ribbon and circles punched from some DP. The number is meant to look old and grainy, and I used Versamark and old gold embossing powder.


  1. I know how hard it is to make a card for fellow stampers - but I also know how much they appreciate the effort more than "others". Sometimes that's the only way to get them done! And I'm sure Oscar will love what you've done too - it's bright and cheery - perfect for a 3yo.
    Look forward to catching up in the hols...

  2. Well, I think it's perfect and looks wonderful with the wrapping paper. Don't ever be intimidated by other's work or you'll never enjoy yourself. There will always be someone richer, thinner and better and making cards than each of us! LOL

  3. This is an awesome idea girl!! LOVE how you coordinated the gift paper and card together!

    The little details add SOOOOOOOOOO much on those cutie patootie gifts! Plus I like the clean lines on your card.........I LOVE IT ALL!! TFS!! :)

  4. Note: By trade my background is lithography/printing for (13 years) and I totally understand how this guy looks at printed pieces... that's why I drive my self NUTS sometimes when making cards. LOL!

    But I realized everyone has there own ideas on quality and having a hand stamped card given will warm the families hearts!!! :) Hugs... Michelle!


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