Friday, July 9, 2010

Far Out Brussel Sprout

I guess there are some times you just have to be Australian.  The other book in this series is Unreal Banana Peel, and they're collections of childrens rhymes and chants, best heard in the playground.  I know it doesn't make sense, but that's where my mind wandered......

...which has absolutely NOTHING to do with this weeks challenge at Opus Gluei, except in name, because the challenge is FAR OUT.  They were thinking aliens, Martians, stars, not vegetables.  It wasn't until I went to a fabulous Tim Burton exhibition this week that inspiration for an ATC finally struck.  There were just a few of his drawings in pastel on black paper, intricate multi-coloured planets and the odd shooting star, and I had a light-bulb moment.  Black and white = infinity with a few twinkling things thrown in = easy peasy.

So here's my rocket blasting off back to Earth (that's the big blue sparkling thingy in the corner) from some place very inhospitable and rocky looking.  Now I wish I'd made it a Tardis instead, but then it would have had to have had daleks and maybe a cyberman.  Tricky.  Too hard on such a tiny little piece of CS but I'll hold the thought...........

I'm very proud of the orange flame because its a piece of ribbon that I attacked with a pin to fray..... sometimes I scare myself.  Details?  Heavens, its not big enough to have any, except that the DP is still more from the La Creme stack which is always perfect no matter what the topic.  There are black dots and some twinkling stars as well as the Earth (which just proves that 5 years ago when I bought the blue bling I must have known it would be useful....eventually).


  1. I was imagining it was much bigger than an ATC when I was looking at it.
    I think it is brilliant.
    Your superb design sense and ingenuity sparkles through the milky way of your creativity!
    Your rocket burner is amazing too!

  2. Perfect ATC. Love that earth is bling. Very creative of you with the flames. I'll use that idea in the future. The children's book looks like a fun one. Back when I was a student, and on the training ship. Yup, I went to a Maritime Academy, anyway, one of our cruises took us to Sydney and Brisbane, where I picked up a Blinky Bill book. I have read it to my kids, who think it's great. Talk about rambling... Thanks for playing with us. I love your creations and look forward to see what you come up with for each one of our challenges.

  3. Tooooo clever - see me - I'm afraid of teensy weency atc's - but this is masterful!!! LOVE your "flame" and great to see Earth all sparkly - LOL

  4. I think this is wonderful! Especially the earth! And the flames. Umm, I love it all!

  5. What a cool ATC, only Chat Noir can make outer space classy and elegant! Did I mention I love it? I do I do

    Frayed ribbon worked beautifully for the flame, you clever Chat!


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