Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's cookin'........

You can tell I'm home on leave.... two challenges in a week!!
This week's Opus Gluei challenge is to do something related to food..... and I was thinking, eat it, cook it, prepare it, shop for it, dine out etc etc etc but I've become obsessed with ATCs lately because they satisfy the creative bit of me that wants to make something using papers and bits and pieces.  Having said that, there are almost NO bits OR pieces on either of these.  So out with the cookbooks and in with the scissors.  Who needs to eat anyway?

Both these cut-outs are from decoupage paper that always has so many images on it that there are hundreds to go round.  I went off on a fruit theme for a year or two and every piece of paper made me hungry just to look at it.  Have to find the big platter I made once, covered with cherries and several dozen coats of varnish.  A story for another time.... 

I fixed both shapes to black paper and re-cut each image with a small border, then fixed them to their backgrounds with felt pads so they have a second shadow.  The grapes have had their bloom emphasised by SU Crystal Effects, and they're mounted on a roughly torn piece of handmade blue paper and a black ATC.  The apple and cherries have a triangle cut from a scrap of La Creme added to their black card.


  1. Oooh, ATCs, I do enjoy them also but haven't made any in too long. I think that handmade paper is a nice touch and adding the dimension to it does make the fruit motifs really stand out!

    I'm so glad you're playing our challenges, we do love to see what you've made next!

  2. Lovely, and the backgrounds are great. I especially love the triangle. You always have a unique touch...

  3. Love these. The torn paper and the black background is wonderful. I love ATC's. I love that you play with us over at OPUS GLUEI.


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