Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make me smile

I think I'm becoming hooked on ATCs because they're small.  I freely admit that I don't use them as they're intended.... no real artist lives here, but I like the size and the lack of opportunity to add too many frills.  Don't come to me for cute.

Oooo I do sound pernickety today......  small break for soothing cup of tea......


This week's OG challenge was to make them smile and I got so sidetracked in my picture folders that I kept on trying.  So here's what I did: two deceptively nice gun-toting children coming home for tea, a hopeful suitor, dinner with intent, and a catty ballerina.  I think some of the smiles might be ironic, assuming I succeed in making anyone smile at all.

All the images are from my decoupage folders in a vain attempt to minimise some small part of my busy room.  Likewise all the little pieces of coloured CS are from that big mountain of bits that always needs to be in a bigger box than the one its in.  I wrote the text because my printer is having one of those "I dont print on THAT" days, and here and there I sneaked in little bits of bling.


  1. I LOVE these. Those bling meatballs are fabulous. Gotta love a bitchy ballerina. That guy seems a bit questionable, but I suppose he has a certain mistique about him. And how cute are those little soldiers. These are very clever and have made me SMILE very big. I love that you play with us at OPUS GLUEI.
    Now for the scolding. WHAT DO YOU MEAN "NO REAL ARTIST LIVES HERE"???? Have you lost your marbles! You are indeed an ARTIST. I love your works. Now go look in the mirror and say to yourself that you are an ARTIST and your works are fabulous. Go on.

    There. Now don't you feel better. Shame on you for not thinking you are an ARTIST. You should know better. Your works make me SMILE all the time, not just this week.

    Okay, scolding is over and it's time for a HUG.
    Sorry I had to do that. But it was for your own good.

  2. I started laughing the minute I saw the expression on Junior's face there - he has a future in politics, I can see it in that look! The ATCs are grand - I love the takes on classic art as well! BIG SMILES from Maryland!

    I have to agree with Jana, you needed the scolding. You're an Opus Gluei Groupei! You hold you head high wielding your glue gun or other adhesive device and proclaim your artiness (Jana does scolding wayyyy better than me, she's got three daughters so she's a pro)(I simply try to control cats, which is entirely futile).

    You have no idea how happy it makes US to see you participating in a challenge with us, we always know we're in for a treat for the eyes and something fun to read!

    (HUG) At least Jana didn't put you on the naughty step or anything.

  3. These may be small but they are fabulous! Your sense of humour certainly put a smile on my face - my fave - the bitchy ballerinas - LOL


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