Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Opus Gluei #65 Fun with Ephemera

Can I just upload my house?  This ephemera challenge might just help me make space somwhere....

I've been doing a bit of my own de-cluttering lately, going through the many folders of paper images I cut for decoupage, so I was really in the mood for a bit more.  Then I took a good look at a few other places around the place, such as a corner of the kitchen bench beside the phone, and the pinboard behind my desk which is supposed to be inspirational but which instead is a jumble of heaven only knows what..........

So here's an ATC with a medical theme: a printout from the Medicare (Govt health care rebate system)office sometime in 2008, a band-aid that's seen better days (no NOT USED, but a bit dusty from being in the corner of a drawer), some droplets that might be body fluids, but aren't, and some likely text that came from a brochure I was throwing out.  That's one little space cleaned out......

....and then I tripped over a cat food dish which inspired the second.  The little white card came from a packet of something cute and was prised off the pinboard (the other sign there says "Dogs have masters, cats have staff" but was too long to fit on anything other than the pinboard so its staying put), then I hunted about for the rest.  The blue thing is Mr P's plastic registration tag for last year, the C is for cat.  What else?  And of course then there are four little pieces of cat food.....I had to seal them (must be the oddest use for Jo Sonja's sealer ever) so that the cats didn't eat them for a midnight snack.  The fish is, well, another thing to eat?


  1. These are great creative ATCs, I love 'em! Of course, being a catty person myself, the kitty themed one does appeal greatly and I think the use of actual crunchy munchies (what my furballs know them as) is FANTASTIC and oh so clever!

    Great ephemera usage!!!

  2. Both of these are so much fun. And very clever. Love the use of all of these bits and pieces. I love seeing all the wonderful things you come up with for us at OPUS GLUEI.

  3. These give me a great big grin. I love seeing what you create, it's always such a lovely surprise!!

  4. I like the effect of the real cat crunchies! I have not made my creation yet as I just discovered Opus Gluei and being a cat person I had to wander over here to your blog. I also had to wander over to your other blog - are you sure you weren't a librarian in another life? I wandered over there because I guess you can call me a librarian - that library degree says so anyway even though now I am completely and utterly overqualified and unemployed - oh well, more time to make art and blog :D
    I can see I am going to be stopping by often to update my reading list:D

    I would love to have you visit my blog sometime...I had fun visiting yours!


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