Monday, June 28, 2010

Tim's birthday

Where did those 21 years go?  Tim is the middle son of a good friend, so I've known him since before he was born.  He barracks for the Mighty Bombers, also known as Essendon to those quieter more sedate people, and their colours are red and black.  

Being a quiet and unassuming Bombers supporter myself was easy to find the right mix for his birthday card, given that most of the paper in my room is black.  I uncovered the cuttlebug (see the next post below... its there on the edge of the bench) and used the squares folder.  There are silver brads, and a wee piece of La Creme that was lurking in the corner of a box.  The 21 is from a set of acrylic stamps that I've nearly worn out because they're so useful.


  1. Great card for a Bomber Boy - just a shame about the team ;)

  2. Aussie Rules Football??? I love it! I happened upon it years ago and there is apparently no set time or day of the week for the station that shows it in the USA to broadcast it. But my husband and I really enjoy it! Okay, I have to admit that the Brisbane Lions are the team I cheer for (well, good friends of my family were in Brisbane). Marvelous card - it has energy and fun and most of all is in his club's colors!

  3. Very nice. I like the "21". I would marry my cuttlebug if I could. It treats me better than my (ex) husband ever did.

  4. Great card. Very elegant and manly, all at the same time. And that it's his colors, perfect.

  5. Fabulous card for a man, I always find them so hard to do. Yours is wonderful!
    I love that cuttlebug folder too another thing to go on my never ending list of "I want next"

  6. Hi, great card for a guy (especially a footy fanatic). Love the 21st - looks great.


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