Saturday, June 5, 2010

Opus Gluei #57 I can see even more clearly now

.... more acetate sheet.  This very minimalist attempt combines a Japanese image from my decoupage file with a pre-cut ATC sized piece of acetate with a silver frame embossed on it.  I was hunting around at the local Spotlight and found a packet of these Fundamentals with 5 different designs printed on acetate and ready to go.  I included the fragment picture just to show it is indeed acetate and terrible to photograph!

I know this will look too simple for most, but I seem to be on a "less-is-more" kick lately; plus it seems to compliment the oriental image.  Japanese things always give me the impression that everything over the top has been shaved away and just the bones remain.


  1. I love your elegant style, the sympathy card is so loving. Never heard of anything like the embossed frame, it's very cool! I would love to hear more about the failed cuttlebug experiment, it sounds interesting. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has taken awhile to "get" the need to post photos backwards on our blog-very confusing! LOL

  2. Oh, photographing acetate - honey, I feel your pain because it is a pain. Terrible glare.

    This project and your sympathy card are so elegant, classic, and perfect. I think that your friend will find the effort and care you put into making a card to capture your sentiments to be so special. Also, I get what you mean about Japanese artistic style paring off the unnecessary. I admire it, wish I could do it, but I still am an over the top sort of person. ah well, I can at least admire when I see beautiful examples LIKE this!

    Thanks for taking on the challenge and giving it a whirl! Love having you over at Opus Gluei!

  3. The Asian style is very much aout simple elegance - so I think this is perfect! It's a beautiful image that deserves centre stage!

  4. WONDERFUL card. You got it spot on with the less-is-more attitude. It really draws your eye to that beautiful Asian image. Two cards for OPUS GLUEI. We are so happy you play with us.


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