Monday, June 28, 2010

What's going on?

They're wicked over there at Opus Gluei.... usually nobody, and I mean NOBODY sees the space I call my Busy Room, mainly because its a place only the owner could love.  I followed the rules (I nearly wrote "guidelines" but who am I kidding, these are RULES) and didn't move a thing, just turned around from my computer and snapped some pictures.  Then I looked , really looked, at them and there's hardly a bit of paper to be seen.  I really do make cards here.  Somewhere. 

The best thing about my desk is that its high (I use a drafting stool to sit at it), and about 8 feet long, and 30 inches wide.... and the remaining workspace is about a foot square.  It has a lovely big pinboard at the back and lots of shelves above.  Ideal.....and full.  The rest of the room is best left to your imagination.


  1. Soooo great to see YOUR workspace after you've seen MY disaster zone - LOL!!! A good workspace is not meant to be tidy - otherwise no work is being done - LOL

  2. This wonderful-I want to come and visit and we can both work here!

  3. I love work spaces that you can see everything and where it is at, just at a glance. Those are the best, to me anyway. Thanks so much for stopping Robin's Egg Blues and leaving a comment for the big giveaway. It means alot to have people from all over stop in and say hi.
    Come back for a visit any time.


  4. Okay, first of all, loving the new profile pic! That is wonderful.

    Now, about your space - I think it looks grand - it seems organized to me. The paper is merely put away, that's why it isn't readily seen! Thanks for sharing with us at Opus Gluei!

  5. Love your creative zone. I see so many wonderful goodies here. Looks like a wonderful place to play. I end up working in a small area too. Funny how that works, isn't it.
    And just for the record, we are QUITE WICKED. LOL

  6. I love looking at people's crafting spaces and yours is no exception, it's looks like a hive of activity and all that fabulous stash whoopeee!

  7. Wow, great space to create, and it looks pretty organised to me. I was just thinking about my space today (my current space is too small) - think I am going to redo it, but not sure how, might have to pinch some ideas.


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