Saturday, June 5, 2010

I can see clearly now (Opus Gluei #57)

I have very bad memories of acetate sheet.... once a long time ago I made a card that was supposed to take its inspiration from the movie "Singing in the Rain" and I went off on a crazy tangent that involved simulating water on a window, my cuttlebug and a piece of acetate.  I almost never recovered, and that particular card didn't make it to the archive.  It should NEVER have made it to the entry stage either but that's another sad story.  Well, we all have to start somewhere, some of us lower down the scale than others!!  
Made two cards and like them both.  Here's the first, and if you go down to the previous post you'll see the second.  I finally worked out that I have to post in reverse order.....  Anyway this one is a sympathy card destined unfortunately for a friend.  I know its mostly black, and maybe that's a bit maudlin, but I also think its a stylish card and think she'll like it because she's a stylish lady herself.  I left out lots of words because I want to write a message that doesn't need to jostle with a generated sentiment, and I'm not a big fan of gushing.

The acetate sheet is another pre-cut one (see the next post) with silver embossing, and there are a couple different ribbons (thanks for the spotted one Liz) and a layered Kaisercraft flower.


  1. These cards are never easy to make - but this is stylish and elegant - a true Carolann creation!

  2. Thank you my bloggy buddy ;-) for the advice on my friend, I will be steadfast for her and I like the idea of plying her to emerge with chocolate. I know that you continue to have your good and bad days and it is very kind of you to share your thoughts and advice.

    I also want to thank you for your kind birthday wishes! That was a nice surprise to see in my comments. Also, I love long comments (they make me happy someone took the time)! Hugs from all the way over on the other side of the world!

  3. Very classy and tasteful. I think it will be received very gratefully. Your cards are always wonderful to admire. Thanks for sharing them. And for playing with us at OPUS GLUEI.


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