Sunday, June 29, 2014

All tied up...with Opus Gluei

I had such plans for this challenge, amongst which was getting it finished early, but that came to nothing!!  

My desk is littered with half-made zombies with black sack dresses and string belts, and their brothers (also half-made) with big boots and string vests, but sadly none of them are yet up to scratch to share.  Today I spied some intricately sewn versions that I think I'll try instead..........but none of this helped with the OG Challenge, and the deadline loomed, so........... is a tiny contribution, an ATC with scraps of twine and old Stampin' Up paper and a lovely kaisercraft nesting doll with some extra glitter on her apron.

There is definitely a small piece of string there, and that's what counts!!

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  1. Hi my friend. Where are your pears? The world needs to see them. They are amazing! Really. The world needs your pears!


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