Friday, February 19, 2010

Opus Gluei #42 Asian Motivation - first attempt!

Something oriental.........

The tiger is considered to be the most noble of animals because he bears the symbol for king on his forehead.  People born under the influence of this sign are said to be dynamic and to have strong leadership qualities.  They are born optimists who make daring plans; they are attracted to danger, excitement and adventure.  Applying the Earth Elemental Signs to the zodiac indicates that those born in 2010 (and also 1950) are metal tigers.  Beware them... they are said to have added strength, to show little sentimentality, and can be inflexible.

.....which explains why I'm quite happy to be a horse, and a wood horse at that.  No prizes for working out when I was born.........

And here's my take on the challenge:  the gray circles are cut from a piece of beautiful paper sent to me by my friend Lisa (a La Creme stack) and the sentiment is from the SU Symbols of Solicitude and stamped on a scrap of red and gold soft hand made paper.  The very best thing is the tiger stamp in the corner.... its one of a set of 12  and I like the fact that its hard to see it clearly.  Its a modern "aged" stamp.  The red ribbon is from the bottom of a box on the busy-room shelves.


  1. A gorgeous card, Carolann. I'm a pig...or perhaps more euphemistically, a boar. (hopefully not a bore!) I believe I read this means I like to over indulge and I'm not very physically active. I resemble those remarks! lol

    Hugs to you my dear friend,

    P.S. Glad to see you've pulled out the creme stack!

  2. Gorgeous job Carolann - Asian inspired has lovely clean cut lines with a touch of whimsy - you've captured that perfectly!!!

  3. Your card is beautiful! I love the clean lines and the ribbon sets it off just right. Take care, ~Diane

  4. This is a gorgeous card - I also like the extra insight your post has about the Year of the Tiger. So, you're a wood horse! I'm a water bunny! (apparently, it must be true because I've been told sometimes I'm all wet! lol) This is a simply lovely (dare I say it because it is what I think of with your projects) ELEGANT and classic card. So beautiful.

  5. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL card!! Such nice clean lines and color combo... I enjoyed the history of the Tiger!! You always warm my heart... and an AWWWWW moment! :)


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