Friday, February 19, 2010

Opus Gluei #42 Asian Motivation - second attempt!

And then of course I began cleaning up the mess I'd made and there in the back of a pocket was this lovely piece of tiger-ish paper.......  The GPs did say they'd allow tigers (if pushed) so I played around with the scraps and this is what I had in the end.

I know I bought the patterned paper on impulse several years ago, SURE that I couldn't live without it, and the rest is just a collection of handy sized pieces that have been lying about.  I think the gold foil might actually be from a box of chocolates but that makes me sound like a funny old lady hoarding paper from here and there...... WHICH IS NOT TRUE!!


  1. Of course it's not true! A very exotic looking card... I PURR in your direction!

  2. A "touch" of the tiger you say - LOL. WOW this one just jumps off the page - fabulous! A funny old lady you are NOT - more fascinating I would say! You know WHAT to keep and actually USE it - eventually - you have a good "eye"

  3. UGH...I hoard paper from here and there. I didn't realise it would make me a funny old lady...just that it made me another fanatical paper crafter ;-).

    Love your project..very swish, and the gold paper gives it a very glam feel.

    Best wishes,

  4. I'm a funny old lady hoarding paper, so why not you too? Both of these are very elegant, you have such lovely style!

  5. I really like this - that tiger print is so cool! You have such a great eye for classic elegance in your projects. Me? I'd have muddled this terribly, you do it beautifully!

  6. I love your card, the tiger stripes are awesome. In order to be a great card maker you must learn to hoard all sorts of interesting scraps that have nothing to do with card making. It's what you do with those scraps that make for the most interesting pieces! Take care, ~Diane

  7. I'm so glad you pulled out this tiger paper... and the shinny gold really jazzes it up! FUN layout too... :) I collect pieces of paper from EVERYTHING if it works... I collect it! ha... :)


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