Sunday, August 11, 2013

OG 163 "The start of something........."

Whenever I think about starting something new I get all excited and enthusiastic.  I want to go out and acquire all the accoutrements of the new craft (because that's generally what it is) and find a place to work (that's relatively simple), and then a place to put things........and here I come unstuck.

However, spurred on by this challenge I have expanded my horizon a little more and gone back to sewing, and linked my new love for felting with my old love.  I've played with felt pieces before, but making felt from scratch is amazing.  The wool is soft and pulls apart in feathery wisps, and the process can be a bit like painting.  First I made a scrap with three colours, and attempted some button holes, just in case I ever feel brave enough to make a whole garment; then I made two lots of pre-felt and joined them in strips and patterns to make a scarf.  The last image is part of a pansy with shaped petals and lots of twists of wool and silk threads.  Not sure what to do with it, except make more and have yet another collection!!

I love how threads and scraps of natural fabric bond with the wool and recreate themselves into veins and decorations, and how thin layers of coloured wool combine.

This is a challenge for you to start something new - it doesn't have to be a crafty thing, it could be a new book I suppose, or a new recipe, but whatever it is, we want to see it.


  1. Wow! I love how the various colors and textures blend in your felting projects into abstract compositions. Blessings!

  2. Wow, beautiful! I've wanted to try felting too... so many crafts, so little room! Thanks for the inspiration! Best, CG


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