Friday, April 19, 2013

Opus Gluei #154 Colour Challenge

Every now and then these ladies throw down the gauntlet and its hard to walk away..........well, its easy to walk away but then I feel guilty. Afterall, what could be hard about playing with paper?  EVERYTHING, when you're not allowed to use your favourite things.  So I ventured down the page a little, fell in love with Rosemary's beautiful fiery orange bookmarks........and had to play along.

First, an ATC the opposite of my usual colour choice - shades of cream, and finally a place to use a piece of lacy doily plus a bit of bling for interest.  It seemed a shame to cut into such a big piece of paper for the tiny scrap if music I used, so I kept cutting and came up with a second thought which took me down another unexpected path - PINK. So far out of my comfort zone I'm beginning to gasp for air!!  And even some hologram glitter (well, just a wee tiny flash)....and as I put the boxes away a piece of chain caught in my sleeve and became the inspiration for the third. 

Enough, I'm exhausted and having to sit in a darkened room to recover from so many colours in the same post.  Please can I go back to black next time?

Don't forget to see what all the other people have been up to too...........

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad we inspired you. It does my heart good to see your name pop up in the submittals. Yes, you made need to sit down and rest for a moment, we've taken you out of your personal comfort zone. But you did such beautiful work here. I cannot select a favorite because each ATC has a separate appeal to me. The birthday cake is so fun and very clever papers you've used. The clean and simple lines of the bird and cage are so hard to do and you made it look easy. Then there is the first one which just is so you; elegant and eminently classy. I always think clean and elegant with your work. Seriously, no kidding, I do. You do delightful projects and we feel very special when you come over and share with us at Opus Gluei.


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