Sunday, February 5, 2012

Watch the birdie.........

What did I do before ATCs?  Little pieces of whimsy, or just a smaller place to make a mess!  Some things work better in my head than on the page, but NOBODY's perfect, and the world hasn't crashed to a halt.

The Poobahs at Opus Gluei decided on a bird theme (its called Tweet, chirrup and trill) and the other entries are so cute.  Go and look (or if I get the Mr Linky thingy working, they might even be here on the bottom of this post).  Mine are an odd assortment on the avian theme.........  I started with the bird cage and the little silver dove and added a chain to hang the cage from, then I went hunting in the Busy Room.  First to light was the emu family and their very disapproving stares.  I don't think they like being on a card so I apologise to them right now.  I love their double feathers and the stripey chicks, and they have a penetrating red glare that follows you.  Their beak is sharp and unforgiving too. 

Next was a scrap of a Kay Nielsen illustration for "A Thousand and One Nights".  There's a whole other story about how I came to discover his work but I'll leave that for another time.  In the original, the flamingoes float in deepest blue so I made it the night sky.  The last is a protective mother bird, except that I think she should be sitting on the eggs, not watching them from a branch.

See what other people have done......


  1. Oh my very favourite is the flamingo's but they are all lovely!
    Thank you for joining us at Opus Gluei :-)

  2. These are gorgeous, I can't pick a favorite! I love the smoky air around those flamingos! Very nice group! Thank you for joining in our Opus Gluei challenge, sorry about the linky issues!

  3. Oh, it makes me so happy to see you participating in our challenges! YAY!!!!

    I find your stories to go with the ATCs pretty darn amusing too, perhaps mother bird is just enjoying a little free time before she's having to run back and forth to provide for the nestlings! The emus do look a bit perturbed don't they? Love these, they have wit and whimsy and are perfect for our challenge!


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