Friday, January 20, 2012

Opus Gluei #122 Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Can you imagine how many things in my life I should have taken a picture of?  A pair of patent leather shoes I wore to death and had re-heeled over and over again; a black silk jersey jumpsuit (I was very thin); my Aunt's black and white tiled floor under her grand piano; my first boyfriend; the house my grandmother used to live in.....

Being a quiet retiring sort of person (in my dreams) it seems I have few photographs of me, and none I'm willing to share any time soon, though I could have photoshopped out the green horns I dare say (this will make sense to some people and just bemuse the rest).  So I hunted out some images that could have been photographed but weren't until they were painted.  Don't go trying to play the music above the image of Beethoven because its definitely NOT one of his best works, which is why he looks so grumpy.  The other is a piece of a larger image of a dancer complete with maracas.  I gave her flowers instead because she needs to be exotic and a bit more mysterious.

More ATCs, just love them cos they're little and collectable.  Can we have another swap sometime soon?


  1. Oh, these are gorgeous. I love those colors you used. And that little tidbit about the music is very interesting. I can't read music to save my life. All three of my girls are musically inclined though, so I suppose I am not a total failure. Can't imagine why you would want to remove your horns. They are quite becoming on you. You are always such a delightful surprise for us over at OPUS GLUEI. Thanks so much for playing with us.

  2. These are really awesome! I love music, and am glad my mother signed me up for piano lessons at a young age. I would love to get back into playing. I have never seen one of your projects that was less thank wonderful, these included. I am so glad you joined in the challenge. I am always glad to stop here and see what you are doing!
    Thanks for playing at the Opus Gluei.
    (At least you toughed through a challenge you weren't feeling... (this was my challenge) and it looks like no one has an interest. I truly appreciate any efforts!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Thank you!!!

  3. These are marvelous, and I do love your explanation for Beethoven's expression. I am sorry you don't have more photos of yourself, I'm coming to the realization that, despite the fact that I'm unhappy with my weight, I do need to actually get into photos and be a part of the story of my life and family. lol

    p.s., I think the flower definitely gives her an exotic flair!

    Love that you played with us on TWO OG challenges, let's keep it going, mon Chat Noir! Hugs!

  4. Your ATC Cards are beautiful :)) Love how different they each are, but still so cool looking :) I never post pics of myself either, lol.


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