Saturday, January 29, 2011

Opus Gluei 87 "Key to my heart"

Where has January gone?  I was all set to make a scene for the 86th challenge, and the days went, the challenge changed.........I'm behind already and its only week 4 of the year.  Ah well, I can only improve.

So instead of the little scene I had planned, no not a tantrum (I gave those up just recently), here's my offering featuring hearts rather than keys.  I was going to have layers and frothy bits and glitter and bling, but I used pink instead.  I think I'm failing the glue test, either that or I'm still so relaxed and in holiday mode that two colours are all I can manage.

Next time............


  1. This is a lovely card. I love the elegance of pink and black. Those hearts are wonderful together. So very glad you played with us this week again at OPUS GLUEI.

  2. Well, I love seeing you at our challenges and I really really love this color combo (never met a pink or purple I didn't like - so this pink is fab for me). You do clean and simple so elegantly - LOVE it!

    Welcome back to Opus Gluei, hope we do get to see you for more challenges but I sure understand how time gets away from us! January did fly by...


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