Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year again

......and there were Christmas cards I should have sent, WOULD have sent, if only I had spent less time cooking and more time in the busy room.  In a rare fit of tidying, I also made a start on culling the many bits and pieces I put aside "to look at" and kept because there's a picture or a colour that caught my eye.  I loved the textures and patterns in some of the paintings in the brochures from the National Gallery, so before finally putting them in the recycling bin, I pulled out just a few and used them here.  Black, of course, and my favourite image of this time of the year - the peaceful dove - combined in layers and a wee bit of ribbon.  Found another use for the big punch that gives me a luggage tag shape, and only just remembered that there are several hundred REAL tags in a box of other really useful things....... 

Hope this qualifies for the "year" bit Poobahs, now to make something else a bit more "happy" or maybe something related to "baby".  Could also show you the "new" thing I'm in the middle of but its still a mess 'cos its a mosaic piece for the garden and they never look any good til the grout goes on.  If I get it finished in the next few days, weather permitting, I'll post a picture of it, I promise.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the mosaic for the garden! I admit I keep forgetting you are enjoying summertime.

    I love the card - it is so you; artistic, peaceful, graceful and splendid. I hope you spend some time in the studio but I think spending time cooking is a wonderful pursuit as well - hope you enjoyed it!

    happy new year - I'm sorry I didn't get cards out to everyone and not a one was handmade but his year I vow to change my ways!

  2. Have been thinking about what Australia is going through with this wild and dangerous weather, I am hoping you are well and safe.

  3. Oh, this is lovely. The textures are making me want to reach out and touch it.
    How did I miss this earlier this month????


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