Saturday, November 20, 2010

Post Dinner Swoon

.........oh have I had a meal.  Anyone familiar with Chapel Street in Windsor should go and explore the menu at Dino's.  We shared some interesting tapas (grilled asparagus with parmesan shavings, black heirloom tomatoes, cured ocean trout with beetroot strings) then roasted duck, wagyu sirloin and veal, followed by strawberry pannacotta and chocolate tart.  Not to mention a soft pinot grigio and some great coffee.  My Dad has found yet another good place (and I'm betting he and Mum were the oldest in the place by at least the 25 years that separates us!!)  The prospect of breakfast, or ANY meal, in the next 24 hours is completely superfluous.  

Add to the food: eccentric and casual diners, staff from all corners of the globe, attentive and amusing service, quirky artwork and retro leadlights.  I had forgotten how much I miss the cosmopolitan side of my town when I'm hiding here in my safe and rather boring suburb (*** identity concealed ***)!!


  1. That sounds oh-so-good!!!!! I love Tapas! Can I come and visit you? and can we go to Dino's? Pullleeesae???

  2. I'm with Electra!

    Save a seat for me...

    Thanx for stopping by my space in bloggylan

  3. Soooooo when are we having a girl's night out?!?!?!?!


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