Saturday, November 20, 2010

Manly Men

Here's Dad's card.... just time to upload before falling into the shower and getting ready for his big birthday bash, well, okay, the dinner booked in an upbeat bistro Dad's found.  It makes a change from the usual sailing-themed ones I usually make for him, and it fits the bill for the latest Opus Gluei challenge too.  Lots of layers, some leaves and a brad from a TE kit  or two, ribbon from the Busy Room boxes, and an assortment of DP from Spotlight and La Creme (thanks Lisa, that's a gift that keeps on giving!!)

Can't wait..... have to run.

 Happy 80th Birthday Dad!!


  1. Hey there! Welcome back, we have missed you! I love this card - you do make clean, simple, classy, and elegant seem effortless? How do you do that?????? LOL, I try but I find it hard, seriously, I do.

    I hope your dad loved this, I'm thinking he did. It has such a classy feel, I love the diamond (argyle-ish) background a lot, it is a great jumping off part for the color you added. BTW, love those leaf stickpins, I have some and don't use them enough.

    Hope dinner was marvelous and Happy 80th to your dad from the Order of the Opus Gluei!!!!!

  2. Oooooh. I love the colors you used. And this is so very elegant and MANLY. Happy Birthday to you Dad from OPUS GLUEI. Thanks for coming back and playing with us. I just love your creativity.

  3. This is such a classy card, I'll bet your dad loves it! I love your style and it's nice to see you hanging out with the brand Poobahs again, things haven't been the same without you!
    BTW, I lost all my files from my hard drive and trying to get them back. I'll write when I can, I haven't forgotten you! *hugs*

  4. PS, I'm happy to see you're going to participate in the Artful Bag challenge. So am I. If I remember. What were we saying?


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