Friday, January 22, 2010

Opus Gluei #38 "Love your art"

Talk about outside my comfort-zone.... but its amazing what you can do when you try. Those lovely Poobahs asked us for 5 ATCs this time, and I'm not sure if I got the theme exactly correct, because maybe we had to make 5 all the same. I didn't as you can see.

I used the heart theme and put one on each ATC, but then chose five different "arts" that I like to spend my time dabbling in. The first has a small card on it, using a SU wheel stamp, some ribbon and sticky diamonds. The heart is cut from a a length of padded ribbon. The second has a photograph I took of some big leaves floating in a fountain. I got out the cuttlebug too and the heart is a tiny gold one among the leaves. The white corners are supposed to look like photo mounts. The third is an example of extending a picture by painting in some of the background. The picture is part of The Shrine painted in 1895 by John William Waterhouse. His women are always mysterious. Heart-shaped brads are in two corners and the CS has a linen finish under the varnish so it looks like a canvas. The fourth is a library shelf with much more room than any of mine. I added a book mark just for fun (that's the silver chain). The fifth has nothing to do with paper and everything to do with beads. I like to break out the pliers when I need a change of injury (instead of paper-cuts I break finger-nails).

Once I got into the challenge I got a bit carried away and made a second set the same because we have to give these away and I wanted to keep them for myself.


  1. Oh, these are all wonderful. They are perfect for this challenge. I can SOOOO relate to making a set for yourself. I have a hard time "releasing" mine too. Thank you so much for being a playmate of ours at Opus Gluei.

  2. That's the best... when you like what you've made so much, you can't part with it! I love these, Carolann... each so wonderful in its own way. And I adore the theme...things you love. No wonder you want to keep a set for yourself!

  3. These are sooooo special Carolann - each one a little piece of you! And each one just gorgeous with the detailing!!! Too too clever!

  4. Great ATCs! You had the freedom to do what you wanted - either 5 all of one exact design (like Jana did) or 5 different ones (like mine). These are cool and I agree with the poster who said that they are a little piece of you!

  5. These are very cool! Each and every one of them is wonderful!!! I love the fun and relaxed atmosphere at the Opus!!! Fun!

  6. You are a busy "STAMPING" girl! Blown away with all your creative talent... so many textures, colors, embellies, and the details are perfect on each card. As for me, I'm looking for my "talent", it ran away!!! Ha... :)

    Enjoy your day!


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