Saturday, August 29, 2009

"To" and "From"

One of the many things that happened last month was a decadent morning tea at the National Gallery, celebrating birthdays for two good friends. This is the card I made for Debbie.

Just had to use the SU Eastern Bloom, which is a bit of a joke between us, and also found this lovely textured paper for the background. I wanted the card to be distinctively coloured and stylish, because Debbie makes such lovely cards herself that anything less than hand-made wouldn't do. Then of course there was the stress of getting it right.

The red flocked paper is another Paper Chic DP from Officeworks, and its layered on black before being mounted on the white card. The ribbon is a present from the Poobahs, and has a satin sheen. I love it.

The second part of the post refers to a beautiful present to us which was organised by Debbie on behalf of three good friends. I forgot to include it in my last post, so here it is in solitary splendour! Its beautiful, and clearly loves being at my front door because its thriving. Thankyou Deb, Lisa and Debbie.


  1. You know I loved the card - and the Eastern Blooms flower - the perfect choice ;)

    Glad to heear the cyclamen have spot they love!

  2. This a striking card, I really like it and I am glad you enjoyed the ribbon - when you said how much you liked black and white it only seemed appropos to send you lots of different black and white ribbon. It is quite interesting to think that something from all the way here in America made it all the way around to you! (I'm weird that these little things amaze me) HUGS from Maryland!

  3. Hi Carolann! Lovely card for Debbie... lucky girl... and the cyclamen is gorgeous. I'm so glad it's happily blooming and giving you pleasure.

    I'll be writing to you soon! Tonight I get my hair cut and colored, so no more grey. I figure I can't have grey hair if I have a 12 y/o child! LOL

    Lots of love and hugs,


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