Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween is approaching.............

I always thought the best thing to do with a pumpkin was to roast it and eat it, and I thought witches were good at luring children into the woods then tossing them into the oven, and I thought they came in threes, lived with a black cat, and rode broomsticks............ and then there's Halloween, which is growing in acceptance in Australia, but mostly in the $2 shops which are over-run with plastic pumpkins and spiders, and witches hats.  

However, I do have an affinity for things witchy...having been once given a fabulous broomstick by a dear friend with a suitably wicked sense of humour.  The gift has blossomed into a small collection of witches who live in my house, along with my favourite real life black cats.  

Challenged to contribute to the Halloween theme at Opus Gluei, this is my small contribution..........a tag to hang off a broomstick.  I love the paper, and I keep it for special things just like this.

And here is a glimpse of my favourite Hocus Pocus witches.......
Don't forget to look at the OG page where you'll see Deena's very spooky candles, as well as the work of other clever people who REALLY understand Halloween!

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