Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to you

I think I make more birthday cards than anything else, and to open the newest OG era, we're beginning with birthdays.  It just happens to be the birthday of one of the Grand Poobahs on the day this post goes live, so what better way to say Happy Birthday?

I made a couple of cards for forthcoming events, trying to use different colours for each.  I found the black cards, a version of a gatefold, at my local big craft supply warehouse, and turned one on its side for a change.  The colours are not so bright AND, there's not a flower in sight.

Then because I found the garland on my work table, I made this one too....  The hologram centres in the flowers seem to have taken on the colours of the papers.  How did THAT happen?

There'll be more birthday goodness over at the Opus Gluei workshop.  Drop in and see what them all.

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